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                                                                                       STOP THE INCINERATOR                                                          


Together we can stop the 'Eco Park' (that isn't Eco or a Park).  


It's an Incinerator and Anaerobic Digester, a potentially explosive combination that has never been co-located on one site before.  The incineration technology is unproven to burn household waste.  


The truth?  Eco Park is an experiment and Shepperton residents will be guinea pigs.  Why?  It's all about corporate greed and the health & wealth of residents comes a poor second.  




You'll thank us when your house retains its value* and your family isn't being poisoned by cancer-causing emissions.**

'Dark day for local democracy' as Surrey approves riskier Eco Park incinerator


March 17: Today Surrey County Council ignored local people, technical experts and even its own consultants to give the go-ahead to a high-risk waste gasifier at Charlton Lane.


"This is a dark day for local democracy and very disappointing news for Spelthorne.  But if Surrey think they can dump this incinerator on us, they have underestimated our sense of community and pride.  We won't give up the fight -  NOW IT'S SERIOUS."


Once again, we need to pull together as a community.  The next step - and our only hope of stopping this - is a Judical Review.  Surrey are banking on the fact that the people of Spelthorne don't care enough to stop this.  We know better.  


Here's what you can do

1. Email your local Spelthorne Borough Councillors here and demand that they support residents with a Judicial Review. There is no better way for your taxes to be spent - once the incinerator is here we will be blighted by a chimney taller than Nelson's Column belching toxic fumes over our schools and homes. And by then it will be too late.  


2. Email our MP Kwasi Kwarteng and ask for him to demand that this Planning Decision is 'called in' by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles.  


3. Email the Surrey Councillors and tell them what you think of their ill-judged decision.


4. Please donate to our fighting fund - see above. We had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but we now need to start getting lawyers involved. Which costs.  We have a great case but we need your support and every penny raised will be used to fight the incinerator.


5. Spread the word.  Unbelievably, local people are still totally unaware that a huge  incinerator is about to be built on the site of the tip at Charlton Lane.  Join our Facebook group, tell your friends, family and neighbours.  Together we can stop this.  




See the report on cancer mortality in towns near incinerators at and here.


And here's the report on house prices with an incinerator in the postcode expected to drop by around 18%* - an average of £64,000** in Shepperton once work on the site begins.

*   **Rightmove, average house price in Shepperton June 2013









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LATEST NEWS - see the News Section for more!


March: Surrey 'knows Eco Park gasifier is risky and prone to failure' - FOI reveals


Feb 18: Get your floody priorities right, Surrey!  SATEP calls for Surrey to stop wasting £5m and counting on Eco Park and start investing in flood defences and fire & rescue service cover.


Feb 4: Incinerator study into effects of emissions on human health postponed til 2015  'cover up'?


Swap Derby for Surrey #incinerator to see why Spelthorne is being dumped on with #Ecopark #allaboutthemoney


28-29 Jan: Footpath Inquiry: objectors shine light on serious lack of consultation with fire service; risks to footpath users inadequately considered.


Surrey's rotten Eco Park exposed in Private Eye 'Waste of Energy' feature!!!


Another day, another waste fire


Even 'safe' levels of air pollution can harm your health - latest report

Please note that the building work currently being carried out at the Charlton Lane site is nothing to do with the Eco Park development.


Planning for Eco Park is NOT complete, and the footpath public inquiry will not be decided until at least Feb/Mar 2014.


We can still stop the incinerator & Eco Park.  Object today!

Call for Support! Please help raise funds to fight the Eco Park!  


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